April, 30 (Wensday morning) to May, 4 (Sunday morning)

Viale Settimio Severo 65 - 10133 - Torino - Tel: (+39)0116603555


1.Introduction To Types 2003
2.Invited Speakers
4.Schedule Of The Congress
5.How To Register
6.How To Reserve
7.How To Submit A Talk
8.Social Events
9.Call For Papers
10.How To Get To Villa Gualino
11.Map Of The Town Of Turin
12.Picture Of Villa Gualino
13.Organizing Commitee

1. Introduction To Types 2003

Above: the center of Turin with the Mole Antonelliana. View from Monte Dei Cappuccini.

Types 2003 is the 2003 Workshop of the Working Group "Types". Types 2002 was in Nijmegen."Types" develops computer assisted formal reasoning based on Type Theory, with application to programming languages, certified software, and formalisation of mathematics. Types 2003 will be held in Villa Gualino, a peaceful Villa with park and a scenic viewpoint, located in the hills facing the centre of Torino, Italy, from April, 30 (Wensday morning) to May, 4 (Sunday morning). Congress period includes Thursday, May 1, Labour Day in many countries.

  • Invited speakers are Frank Pfenning and Per-Martin Lof.
  • We invited everyone to submit a talk. We got 42 talks or demos. Look to the schedule of the congress for your one.
  • You should have registered before March, 20, and reserved a room before April, 15. We eventually got 100 registrations (92 from outside, 8 reserchers from the Turin site). 59 participants are hosted in Villa Gualino, while 33 are in Hotel Crimea.
  • There is a business meeting on May, 1, evening, and a social dinner on May, 2.
  • Lunches are included in the registration fees, while dinners are not. If you intend to have a dinner in the Villa, you should tell it to the staff, by 3 P.M. each day.
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