April, 30 (Wensday morning) to May, 4 (Sunday morning)

Viale Settimio Severo 65 - 10133 - Torino - Tel: (+39)0116603555


1.Introduction To Types 2003
2.Invited Speakers
4.Schedule Of The Congress
5.How To Register
6.How To Reserve
7.How To Submit A Talk
8.Social Events
9.Call For Papers
10.How To Get To Villa Gualino
11.Map Of The Town Of Turin
12.Picture Of Villa Gualino
13.Organizing Commitee

6. How To Reserve

  • Villa Gualino is now full
    We got 90 registrations, 20 more than expected. If you have still to book, you have to find a room in the following Hotel (with about a 50% discount for Types participants):

    Hotel Crimea Via Mentana, 3 10133 TORINO
    Tel.: +39 011 6604700 Fax: 0039 011 6604912
    Email: hotel.crimea@hotelres.it or crimea.to@bestwestern.it
    Web: http://www.viva-lancia.com/hotels/crimea.htm

    The Hotel is nice and quiet, and it is located some 100-200 meters below the Villa. There is a courtesy car each morning to the conference, included in the price. You may easily get back from Villa Gualino to Hotel Crimea by walking down, in about 10 minutes. Otherwise you may get back using the bus n. 73 (Timeschedule) every hour to and from Villa Gualino, but on May, 1 (Labour Day). You may book a room both by e-mail and fax. You should book as soon as possible, because we got a discount, but no option on rooms. Beware: If you want a 50% discount (70 euro a single room, 90 euro a double room), you have to introduce in the subject of your fax or e-mail:
    Without this proviso you will pay full price (pretty high indeed).
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